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Mountainroxx is dedicated to offering unparalleled quality, knowledge, and service within the worldwide marble industry. We are fully focused on client satisfaction by providing our customers with distinguished products and services they want and need.


In order to guarantee the quality of our 100% pure natural stone, we purchase directly from quarries around the world. For us, honesty is the only policy and we strive to relationship with integrity, not just with our clients, but also our suppliers and collaborators.


Best price is only the begin. Our products are distinct, different, original, unique, and genuinely descriptive for the marble you are seeking.

Design ideas and innovation from all over the world

If you need low price and the best quality, we are a correct choice. The constant and never-ending quest for the finest natural stone products available is the common goal of our customers. All our employers are constantly seeking the latest trends in design applications for natural stone.

We are setting the trend for new uses of stone based on ideas gathered from our extensive travels. Our Purchasing team regularly travels to all manufacturers in order to personally select the materials we will offer to our customers. But from a sustainable purpose  we develop and realizes natural stone building elements in a socially responsible manner.

Innovation is central to this. In addition, we believe it is important that our innovations are also sustainable and responsible.

Quality guarantee

In order to guarantee the quality of our 100% natural stone, we purchase directly from quarries around the world. We do not use intermediaries. In this way we know what we get in-house and the continuity of our stocks is guaranteed.

This allows us to guarantee that our natural stone is extracted and processed without child labor, forced labor and without discrimination. Human rights are respected and there is minimal environmental impact.

Every customer receives a guarantee certificate of the purchase order. A guarantee statement is also issued for every project provided by Mountainroxx. We offer a guarantee of 5 years for the supply of natural stone finishing elements.

Worldwide production

Mountainroxx works close together with worldwide marble manufacturers. We prefer to be involved as early as possible in the construction process. In this way we can start the production of natural stone building elements at an early stage.

We regularly travel to the quarries to check whether the quality of the natural stone meets our requirements, but also because we want to make sure that the working conditions are good and that nature is treated carefully.

Our highly-skilled craftsmen ensure to enhance the natural beauty of the expertly sourced raw materials through a precise process.


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