Services providing complete satisfaction to our clients

What are our promises?

Mountainroxx offers stones and marble solutions for luxurious projects worldwide, using Marbles, Granites, Onyx and semi Precious Stones. We supply to almost every marble market in the Middle East, United States and Europe with 100% guarantee:

  • Vast stocks of high quality natural stones
  • Competitive pricing
  • Full aesthetic control
  • Efficient supply chain
  • Free samples
  • Customer Service 24/7

Sourcing and procurement

We source the finest materials from all over the world. From raw materials to the finished product, Mountainroxx is able to make all the necessary arrangements for selection, purchase and delivery. We can advise clients on cost and availability of any stone material.

Our strong working partnerships with leading quarries and stone companies allows us to deliver customers superior quality and timely delivery, whatever their needs may be.

We stock a vast inventory of raw materials, including slabs and blocks that can be selected by clients.

Preliminary design

We understand the broad range of beautiful and functional possibilities natural stones can offer. We provide our clients with a endless choice in materials, colors, textures and finishes, allowing our clients to find the product perfectly suited to their individual needs.

We consult closely with architects and designers to assist in the preparation of design and work drawings. We can assist in evaluating a client’s design or prepare detailed information from preliminary designs.

Our Manufacturing capabilities

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities allows us to produce the highest quality cut and finish. By investing in the latest technology in stone manufacturing we are able to offer our clients innovative finishes and affects whilst still maintaining precision and quality.

This include cutting to any shape, water jet cutting, polishing, splitting for split face designs, computerized engraving for intricate decorative work, 3D polishing for sculptural works, lathing for columns and balusters, water and sand blasting and cutting and assembly of mosaic works.

Our highly-skilled craftsmen are able to enhance the natural beauty of the expertly sourced raw materials through a precise process of cutting, shaping and finishing.

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